Annie, 65, has the world’s biggest natural breasts, weighing 65 lbs each

Everyone looks different – and that’s wonderful. Imagine just how boring and sad life would be if we were just copies of each other. No, being unique and different is one of the main reasons our world is so beautiful and diverse.

Therefore, there is also this fascination around those who really stand out from the rest. Of course, it’s even better when they embrace it themselves – and use it for a greater good.

This is the case for 65-year-old Annie Hawkins-Turner. The woman from Atlanta, Georgia, that became a millionaire – by having the world’s largest natural breasts.

Her artist name is “Norma Stitz” and she describes herself as an entrepreneur and fetish model, according to Wikipedia. Since 1999 she holds the Guinness World Record – for the largest natural breasts.

Wore adult bras at the age of 9

Her breasts weigh 65lbs each– and she has to order specially made brassieres for her size, 102 ZZZ!

Everything started when she was 9, the aspiring softcore pornstar had to start wearing bras intended for adults, according to the Guinness World Records.

During her teenage years, doctors suggested surgery to reduce the size of the breasts – something she completely refused.

“I’ve never considered having a breast reduction. I’ve never thought of bringing a knife to myself. Why fix something that’s not broken?” said Annie.

A 130lbs combo

Norma, who started making good money on her gigantic attributes once she reached legal age, talks about the feeling when she beat the world record.

“It was incredible. A great honor! Something I will always value.” she told The Sun.

In 1991, Annie met the love of her life – Allen, a man 20 years older than her.

“To my shock, I discovered Alan loved big women and thought my breasts were magnificent. Despite the age gap we got on really well. He boosted my confidence continually told me I was beautiful and accepted me and my kids,” Annie said.

A gigantic success online

Five years later, they got married – and that was around the time what her career really took off. Soon Annie had her own media channels to market her huge boobs – and many people were willing to pay large sums to get a glimpse of the biggest human pillows in the world.

Unfortunately, her husband died in 2003, but the holder of the world’s largest breasts is still doing pretty well, thanks to the Internet, particularly social media. Today, for example, Annie has over 83,000 followers and on Instagram.

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