John is tricked by dishonest car salesman, 3 weeks later the salesman opens his letterbox and is shocked

Dealing with salesmen is always tricky. They’re real experts at charging extra for just about anything they can think of. When you’re making a big investment, you should always be extra alert and on guard against these tricks.

Most of us who have bought a car or a truck know that it’s hard to know if you’ve got a good deal or not. There are loads of different brands, models, additions on additions, enormous amounts of accessories – and the salesmen make it sound like you absolutely have to get everything, no matter how luxurious it seems.

That’s why I absolutely loved this funny story! Talk about payback!

John was a middle-aged farmer from Texas. A few days ago, he had bought a Ford pickup truck from his local car salesman, a man named Williams.

However, John was both surprised and annoyed when he discovered that he had to pay extra for just about everything on the car. In the end, the price was almost double the amount that they had discussed.


John confronted the salesman, “This isn’t the price we agreed on. What gives?”

Williams replied, “Well, yes, it’s more expensive, but look at all the wonderful features you get! Power brakes, power windows, special grip tires, cup holders, seat covers and more!”

John badly needed the truck for his work, so he grudgingly paid the price and went home.

But you don’t get away with tricking a Texan farmer…

Strange letter in the post

Three weeks later, the car salesman called John and said, “My son is in 4-H and needs a cow for a project. Do you have any for sale?”

The farmer replied, “Yes, I have a few cows, and I could sell you one for $1000. Come look at them and take your pick.”

“Thanks John, I’ll be right over with my son!”

After spending a few hours in the field checking out all the farmer’s cows, they decided on which one they’d take. Happy with their selection, off they went with their bovine cargo.

Two days later, the salesman received an invoice in the mail.


This is what it said:

BASIC COW $1000.00

Two tone exterior $100.00
Extra stomach $75.00
Product storing equipment $60.00
Straw compartment $120.00
4 Spigots @$25 each $100.00
Leather upholstery $250.00
Dual horns $45.00
Automatic fly swatter $38.00
Fertilizer attachment $150.00
Reproductive system $175.00
Sound equipment $200.00

GRAND TOTAL $2313.00

I think the farmer’s payback was absolutely ingenious! SHARE if you agree!