12 daredevils who chose bee stings over plastic surgery to get bigger lips

Nowadays, it’s quite normal to see people with bizarre lips from plastic surgery, it is quite a big fashion trend. The Laugh Club has previously reported on this type of crazy trend before.

Of course, it’s up to everyone what they do with their lips, but most often the results are not as good as expected, leaving you with wasted time, money and health.

However, if you want a preview of the result before you spend thousands on plastic surgery, there is a way. How? you ask, well, make sure to get stung by a bee – just like the people in the next “fashion” gallery.

1. The sunglasses really tie the look together

2. Four lucky individuals

3. A legend is born

surgery or bee

4. Like botox, but free!

5. The duck face is back!

6. Surgery will never make you this sexy!

surgery or bee

7. A permanent smile!

8. I wonder, how did this guy eat dinner?

surgery or bee

9. Looks like it’s fresh out of surgery!

10. Muah!

11. How did this happen?

surgery or bee

12. Surgery or bee – who knows?

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