Youngsters have plastic surgery to get creepy “devil’s lips”

Trends come and go, that’s a natural thing. Nowadays, however, it feels like this cycle of new trends rising and then disappearing into oblivion is faster than ever before.

One day is the big fluffy sweaters and the next day it’s a super tight winter-fashion that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

It’s impossible to keep up with all the trends, and pretty often some new crazy fad pops out. For example, the latest beauty trend – which involves something called “the devil lips.”

Beauty surgery is always a risky business, and when it comes to this new trend, it’s difficult to understand why anyone would expose themselves to such dangers.

The devil’s lips

The very latest beauty craze has taken the internet by storm, showing up everywhere in social media, the so-called “devil lips.”

This means that youngsters go to their local plastic surgeons to put their lips under the knife and fill them enough to have a “pointy” look.

The sharper the corners, the better, according to the web.

What will be the next trend?

Now, of course, the question is which trend will become popular next. Hopefully, it will be something less invasive than the “devil’s lips.”

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