14 daredevils who 100% regret getting a tattoo

Tattoos are much more common nowadays. From a small picture or text, to an entire sleeve; even full-body ink is quite popular in places like Europe.

However, the vast majority of people in the United States are a bit more discreet with the tattoos they get. This is to be able to hide them under your clothes when, for example, your job doesn’t allow to show them.

But not everyone – some get ink on parts that will expose their tattoo to the world no matter what. Or get ink that makes others question their sanity.

You can get a tattoo wherever you want – but we can not help but wonder if the 14 people in the next list regretted it when they saw the final result.

1. At least he took it with good humor?

Tattoo 001

2. This tattoo is quite clever!

3. Hostage situation tattoo!

Tattoo 003

4. Neat hairline… not

5. What an edgy tattoo!

Tattoo 005

6. Ready for the geography test!

7. A true cat lover

Tattoo 007

8. How to cure arachnophobia in one easy step!

9. Grand display of love – but wouldn’t it be better if the puzzle pieces actually fit together?

Tattoo 009

10. A brand tattoo. Talk about future regrets!

11. Stingy man didn’t want to pay for two eyes

Tattoo 011

12. This picture gives me more questions than answers

13. Great hairstyle!

Tattoo 013

14. Very nice tattoo of the baby’s hand grabbing dad’s thumb. But did no one think it through?

These pictures prove that there are dummies everywhere!

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