17 people who should never be allowed to use self tanning spray again

Every winter there is a small time gap where “fake tans” get popular. It gives the impression you had a nice, fresh sunbath, and without the need to actually get out of your home. People think you went to Australia for a quick vacation, and envy the radiance of your fake suntanned skin.

I never used these products myself, but I can see the benefits! Who wouldn’t like to have a golden and stylish skin during the grayest months of the year?

However, there are always those who either take it too far or can’t manage to use Self Tanning Spray properly. Leading to disastrous results!

To be honest, this type of failures can be quite funny – especially when the victims themselves choose to share their experiences. With that in mind, we gathered 17 pictures of people who shouldn’t be allowed to use Self Tanning Spray ever again!

1. Yesterday their skin color was the same…

Self Tan Spray 1

2. That does not look like suntan at all…

Self Tan Spray 2

3. Laying down with fresh spray tan…

4. Oh no!


5. Did she spray tan or was she rolling in mud?

Self Tan Spray 5

6. It’s so strong it even repels kisses

7. Oh my god…

Self Tan Spray 7

8. The quality of this Self Tanning Spray didn’t meet her expectations…

9. Was she trying to get a tan or change ethnicity?

10. I can see the spray tan power flowing through her!

Self Tan Spray 10

11. It may be good to put it on your body as well…

12. As I said – spraying just your face is not a good idea…

Self Tan Spray 12

13. Haha! Hilarious!

14. Check out those legs! At least she tried…

15. Day 1 in Bali, but this mom isn’t fooling anyone!

Self Tan Spray 15

16. You missed a spot – your entire face!

17. He went for the “Donald Trump” look!

Self Tan Spray 17

What a bunch of dummies! I Hope for their own sake they stay away from using Self Tanning Spray in the future! Now click share to warn your friends not to make the same mistake!