Finally: This is the correct way to hang a roll of toilet paper

Finally: This is the correct way to hang a roll of toilet paper

This topic has caused more arguments than we can count. It’s the discussion that can split apart even the closest of friendships, it has even ended marriages (maybe).

It’s the eternal debate –  in which direction should we place the toilet paper onto the holder?

But it’s time to end this old discussion, there is a right answer. And most of us have been right all this time, according to the British site Daily Mail.

Which way should one place toilet paper onto the holder? This question has been a hot potato since ancient times. Should the paper come from over or under the roll? There can be really heated discussions about this – especially if you and your partner just moved in together.

There is actually a correct way

People are very stubborn with the fact that “their way” is the right one, and refuse to listen.

But now we can put all that behind us – there is a way that is actually RIGHT.

The consumer information company CHOICE, operating in Australia, has found a patent from 1891 that reveals the truth.

70% agree

The right direction is over,  meaning that the paper needs to be rolled out from the top, as the picture below shows.

the correct toilet paper way
Image source: Wikipedia

Do you think this is correct? If so, you are part of the majority. Over 70% of people think the same way.

Reduces the risk of bacteria

The patent certificate is dated to September 15, 1891, 128 years ago.

the correct way
Image source: Wikipedia

The toilet roll turning in this direction is actually quite logical.

If the paper rolls out from the top, it‘s easier to access while reducing the risk of bacterial spread by rubbing against a wall, which happens if we use the other method, according to Goodhousekeeping.

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