Jimmy, 48, breaks world record for longest time sat on a toilet – 116 hours

Jimmy, 48, breaks world record for longest time sat on a toilet – 116 hours

My grandpa always told me that if you sit down for too long in the floor “you are gonna start tasting the wood with your ass”.

He probably just wanted me to stop playing video games, but I wonder if Jimmy De Frenne, 48, could taste the porcelain after he, according to himself, set the world record for longest time sitting on a toilet, reports Reuters.

This man spent 116 hours sitting on a toilet.

116 hours correspond to about 4.8 days. It was exactly the time that the 48-year-old Jimmy De Frenne, from Belgium, spent trying to set the world record for the longest toilet sitting.

“Why not?”

Why did he want to set a world record?

“Self-mockery is the best humor there is. Why am I doing this? Why not? There is nothing I like more than people making fun of me because then I can do the same with them,” De Frenne told Reuters.

longest toilet sitting
Image source: Youtube

Had to take toilet breaks

The toilet itself was on display in the middle of Filip’s Place, a bar in Jimmy’s hometown of Ostend.

The toilet wasn’t plumbed in which led to Jimmy – ironically – having to take toilet breaks from his sitting.

record sitting on a toilet
Image source: Youtube

There is no world record

Unfortunately, there is no official world record for longest toilet sitting, but Jimmy says he heard of a person who spent a hundred hours sitting on a toilet – something Jimmy surpassed by 16 hours.

In the end, Jimmy gave up.

“I was very tired and my legs hurt but I believe in my success and try to make this record official,” he said.

Would you be able to sit in the toilet for that long? My legs always fall asleep if I stay longer than 15 minutes. I can only imagine what it was like for Jimmy!

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