Science confirms: Women who go on vacation with their friends are healthier and more happy

Science confirms: Women who go on vacation with their friends are healthier and more happy

No matter how satisfied you are with your life, we can all agree that everyday life can, at times, become repetitive or boring. You need to get away from the heat and get rid of all the accumulated stress, so you can recharge your batteries.

A new study shows that a weekend getaway with your besties is important to live a long and happy life, writes the site Shareably.

Having a social life outside of work and home is both important and fun. And according to Harvard’s Women Health Watch blog, a rich social life is as important as sleep, a good diet and being smoke-free.

women going on vacations
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Fewer health problems and longer lives

According to a study conducted at different universities, researchers have discovered that people with several close relationships describe themselves as happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.

Not feeling close to people increases the levels of negative stress in the body, which can lead to more diseases.

Spending time with friends it’s healthy

According to one study, the levels of oxytocin in the body also increase as we associate with our friends. Oxytocin is a substance that reduces feelings such as anxiety, stress, and tiredness in the body.

The fact is that the more oxytocin in our bodies, the more generous, friendly and happy we become – which makes social interaction positive for both body and soul.

“Having close friends does wonders for us people, so invest time in the relationships that make you happy,” says psychologist William Chpopik to Shareably.

women going on vacations
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Recommended vacations with girlfriends

If you go on a vacation with the family, there is a lot of responsibility and, although it is time off, Dr. Mehmet Oz urges us to travel with friends instead.

According to the magazine Forbes, women that take time to travel with their girlfriends are more relaxed, energetic and have happier relationships.

The studies have shown that men who socialize and travel with their male friends feel better as well, but the difference was higher in women.

women going on vacation

So even though it may seem difficult to get time off on your own, it’s important for the whole family to go on that long-awaited weekend trip with your closest friends!

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