How you hang your toilet roll might say something interesting about you

Most of the things we do every day happen without us really thinking about it. How do we hold the fork when we eat? How do we tie our shoes? How do we blow our nose?

All of these small things also include the way we hang the toilet paper. Here in The Laugh Club, we have previously reported on which is the right way to hang a roll of toilet paper, but the way you hang the roll can actually say something about your personality, according to the website Fabiosa.

Of course, you should take these kinds of tests with a pinch of salt, but they are also quite fun and often get things right.

Just as with our body movement and personality, the little things we do unconsciously can say something about how we are as people. Dr. Gilda Carle, a relationship expert, conducted a study that surveyed 2,000 women and men. Among other things, they asked the way they hang their toilet paper.

Which way do you hang the toilet paper?

Below is an image of two toilet paper rolls facing different directions.

Which of these is yours?

toilet paper roll
Image source: Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons

1. Are you part of team under?

If you hang up the toilet roll so that the paper rolls out from the bottom, you are probably an introvert. You are trustworthy and have just a few, yet very close friends. Quality over quantity right?

2. Is team over where you belong?

If you do as in picture number two, you are part of the majority. You are more extroverted and have a strong personality. Discipline is important to you and the more responsibility on your shoulders the better you feel.

There is a third option

In her study, however, Gilda Carle also found a third group of people.

It is the people who don’t care what direction the toilet paper hangs and thus you leave it as it is, regardless of the direction is facing.

People who are part of the third group have a flexible personality and have an easy time compromising in order to make things move forward. They are also more patient and sensitive.

Of course, take this type of test with a grain of salt, however, isn’t it interesting anyway?

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