Can you overcome this challenge and find all the S’s in this picture?

Recently, it has become a bit of a trend online to solve picture puzzles and optical illusions. Since most of us enjoy testing our abilities and limitations, it is natural to challenge friends and family to see who can solve them faster!

Over the years, we’ve faced challenges of all kinds, but what most of them have in common is that they can usually only be solved after repeated attempts.

One of the latest puzzles I stumbled upon is the one below. Apparently, very few people manage to find all the S’s hiding among the 5’s within 10 seconds. Probably due to the number and letter not being too different from each other.

It’s imperative to focus on the picture and concentrate!

How many S’s do you see?

I remember doing similar challenges back when I was in school. However, it’s been a while since then, so unfortunately, we might be a little rusty.

That’s why it is important to solve brainteasers regularly! You keep your mind in shape while having fun and a little bit of competition!

Well—how many S’s can you find within 10 seconds?

Okay, now try to see how many S’s you can see! 

As I said, only a few succeed in the art of finding the hidden symbols!


Below we’ll report the answer—all S’s will be in black.

The correct answer is that there are nine S’s in the picture!

Now press that share button below if you managed to find at least five S’s!

Then you’ve done an excellent job and can pass the challenge on to your friends! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!