Only 1 in 7 can find all the circles hidden in this image – are you one of them?

Most of us like a challenge every once in a while, as well as finding different ways to test our abilities. And being able to compare yourself with others makes it even more exciting.

Our competitive spirit is stronger than you’d think!

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why optical illusions and brain teasers have fascinated us for so long. Lately, these kinds of puzzles have become very popular – you see them all over the Internet.

And that’s a good thing – this type of brain exercise is not only great fun, but also great for your health.

The tricky puzzle below really makes you practice your eye-brain coordination. The challenge is to find 16 circles hidden in an image – and it’s really hard for most of us. At least at first, as most people can only see the rectangles.

Some can solve it right away

Nicholas Johnson, Australian writer and entertainer, admitted on his Facebook page that it took him 30 minutes to solve this brain teaser. After looking around on the net, apparently only 1 in 7 can solve it right off the bat.

Now to the challenge – can you find the hidden circles in this image?

If you have a hard time finding the 16 circles, then focus on the vertical lines between the rectangles!

Do you see how the vertical lines vary in height? I think you’ll soon be able to find lots of circles if you keep at it!

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