Only a few can solve this quiz – do you know the right answer?

Challenging our reasoning powers on a regular basis is essential for our minds’ health. Just like any other muscle, the brain needs exercise to stay fit. And one of the best ways to provide that exercise is brainteasers.

The kind of puzzle you face doesn’t really matter. The important part is that you get to move those brain cells around. Lately, new and fun challenges keep surfacing online, perfect for challenging friends and family to see who can solve them faster.

It makes us bring out our competitive instincts. I simply refuse to let my loved ones get the better of me when it comes to any competition!

I remember back in school, during math class. We often ended the day with a few math puzzles or riddles.

The good ‘ol days

It was always a bit more challenging than a standard addition, subtraction, or multiplication. So it became a small highlight for the class – even the kids that hated math joined on to do the quizzes.

These unusual challenges made us think outside the box and focus on the little details. We were so concentrated that you could hear a pin drop inside the classroom. I will always be thankful to our math teacher for providing us with something so fun and exciting!

I remember a particular problem where we had to figure out how many small triangles could fit within a bigger one. A friend and I sat for probably 15 minutes before we presented our answer – but it turns out that we had barely managed to find half of the total amount of triangles.

Quiz: How many fish are left?

Even if it was a bit of a disappointment, it’s fascinating to be so far from the correct solution despite making such an effort. But that’s what makes it fun – there needs to be a certain level of difficulty for it to be interesting.

Challenging yourself and seeing how far you can push your limits is enjoyable for most of us. Maybe it’s our competitiveness, but we take every opportunity to compare ourselves with other people, which is normal. It’s human nature.

This next quiz looks simple at first glance, but it is essential to have an open mind to solve it!


It is easy to believe that the answer is 1 fish. So 10 minus the ones who drowned, swam away, and died.

However, that’s wrong!


The correct answer

Because fish breathe underwater, they can’t drown. And since they are in a bowl, they can’t swim away either.

And if they die… yes, they still remain in the bowl. After all, that is the question – how many are left, not how many are alive.

In other words, the answer is 10!

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