Only talented people can read backwards: What about you?
Backward 1

Only talented people can read backwards: What about you?

Most of us try to exercise our body and brain daily, some people go for a run, other meditate, or even do puzzles and riddles. Taking care of your body and mind is a good idea, and subjecting them to different stimulus — always helps.

I sometimes try to sit down to do puzzles, crosswords or even sudoku — one of my favorites is reading backward puzzles, they give your brain a good workout and improve your reading speed.

Talented people have more creativity — and there are obvious signs that show they have what it takes to be successful in life. Some of the defining qualities you can see on gifted people are fast-thinking, curiosity, quick-learning and willpower.

A superb way to train these important qualities and to exercise your mind — is reading backward.

A good exercise for the brain

Doing this quickly and precisely means you are talented because there are few who can read backward at a similar speed as they read normally.

Now, I would like to give you the opportunity to test yourself! How fast can you read the text in the picture below?

Backward 1

Yes, that wasn’t easy. I figured out what was in the picture, but I’ll admit that it went much slower than when I read a normal text.

However, this is something you can improve with practice — and it is also a fantastic exercise for the brain!

Below we reveal what the text in the picture says — check if you read it correctly.

Backward 1 solution

It was a positive message — right?

Okay, let’s try again! Can you tell what the text in the picture below says?

Backward 2

Were you able to? Here is the answer!

Backward 2 solution

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