Optical illusions: Most Americans can’t see the cat in these tricky pictures

Something that has fascinated humanity since its beginnings are optical illusions. Curiosity is one of our most essential tools, and things that challenge it quickly gain attention, regardless of their difficulty.

It can be hard for untrained eyes to keep up with them. These kinds of images are designed to fool us at first glance. And it can be challenging to discover the details that reveal the true meaning of the picture.

Now let’s see if you can solve two of these so-called visual puzzles – both of which comprise cats!

Do you like to test yourself regularly? Maybe by solving puzzles like optical illusions, riddles, or even Sudoku from the newspaper? Such things can be incredibly fun – and you get a significant boost of confidence when you overcome a challenge on your own.

Optical Illusions: Can you find the cats?

Lately, two visual puzzles have taken the web by storm. You could say the reason is that they were not intended to be optical illusions when created. Still, the camouflage effect was so impressive they naturally went viral. Some animals have an incredible ability to become one with their surroundings.

Our first challenge, which made thousands tear their hair out, is a picture of what appears to be an empty plot. You see a large lawn, a walkway, a house, and a big pile of boards on the background.

Somewhere in this picture, however, a cat is hiding.

Your task, which most people fail, is to find it. Can you do it within 20 seconds?

cat optical illusions 1

It wasn’t that simple, right?

Some of you, with a good eye for detail, probably found the cat right away – but for many, it’s quite a challenging task.

Just deciding where to look for the kitten is tricky.

However, below you can see where the little devil is located.

solutions 1

There it is! Well camouflaged in the wild grass.

Second challenge – Double or nothing

The next puzzle has the same objective – but now it’s a new cat and a different image. This time, it’s hidden somewhere by the stone wall surrounded by greenery.

Can you find the kitten in 20 seconds? I dare say that this picture is even harder than the last one.

cat optical illusions 2

How did it go? Do you agree that this one was trickier?

If you managed to find the cat right away, I would be very impressed. I had to cheat and check on the answer before I realized where the kitty was.

Worry not, we will show you the answer below.

solutions 2

There it is, the cutie-pie! Well camouflaged inside the bushes on top of the wall. Even now that you know the answer, it’s not that simple to see them.

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