Something is hiding in this picture – can you spot it?

Visual puzzles and optical illusions can wreak havoc on the brain. You think you know what’s going on at first sight, but the longer you look, the trickier the image becomes.

But if you take a deep breath and clear your mind, your ability to solve brainteasers skyrockets.

So if you think a puzzle is too hard, all you have to do is put everything aside for a second so your brain can relax and focus on the problem ahead!

Besides, it never hurts to do a bit of brain-teasing. Trying to find the hidden clues to solve a challenge provides many benefits for our mental health!

Finding small objects, details, or shapes from specific patterns can be tricky. Our eyes try to make sense of everything they see.

But when met with something designed to confuse it, the mind has a tough time doing what is typically not a problem.

An object is hiding. Can you find it?

Therefore, it can be helpful to train this skill every now and then. And the best way to accomplish this is to find visual puzzles or optical illusions to solve. 

With that said, it is time to help you test your detail-finding skills! It will be interesting to see how many people can succeed on today’s test. It took my friends and me a long time to solve this one.

What about you? Can you find the object hiding inside the picture? Here is the puzzle.

hiding object

Indeed, not a simple one – but don’t give up!

It might be easier if you take a closer look and then back away from the image.

You can also try to look at it from different angles.

Below, we reveal the answer!

Here is the hidden object

Have you come up with an answer? After the picture below, we reveal the correct answer.

visual puzzles

Here is the solution: the hidden object is a bicycle!

If you can’t find it, take one more look – there is a bicycle hiding inside. It spans almost across the entire image.

Did you find the bike? Good job!

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