Today’s Challenge: Can you make every other glass empty?

Solving a few brainteasers can help keep your mind in shape. In addition, it’s an excellent way to take a break from the obligations and responsibilities you get at the office during working hours.

In addition to solving crossword puzzles or sudoku, I try to practice my logical thinking regularly. Something not easy to do after finishing school.

It is essential to remember the basics and figure out how to apply them to different situations.

I usually sit in a comfy chair at home and solve puzzles and various logical challenges. It can be anything from IQ tests to math problems. Regardless, you have to move those brain cells around if you want to solve the next puzzle.

Touching only one of the glasses

I got this challenge sent to me by a colleague, and it took me a while to come up with the solution.

For this test, you must make every other glass empty—but you can only touch one of the glasses. Below, you can see the picture.

Image source: Brightside

Can you figure out how to do it? If you can’t, no worries—the answer will be waiting for you below.

Answer: you take the second glass from the left and fill up glass five. That leaves us with a pattern of glass full, empty, full, empty, full, empty—in other words, every other glass is empty.

Bonus brainteasers

Okay, we’re doing another round now that we are warmed up. This time it is a math problem.

Shirley has four daughters, and every daughter has a brother. So how many children does Shirley have in total?

Wikimedia Commons

This one is quite tricky and requires some concentration. Do you have your answer ready? Below, we present the solution.

Answer: 5, all daughters share the same brother.

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