Today’s Challenge: How many black dots can you find?

Unexplainable things have piqued humanity’s curiosity since time immemorial. It’s in our nature to explore and seek answers or solutions to things we can’t fully understand.

This is how we first came across many answers that we now give for granted. Like the earth being round, how massive space actually is, how to fly, etc. There are millions of examples as evidence of our hunger for knowledge.

Optical illusions, or visual puzzles, can truly enchant our curious minds. It is possible to sit for hours and stare at an illusion and still not be able to fully understand what’s in front of our eyes.

There are plenty of visual puzzles around the web today, one more intricate than the other.

This one moves

But today’s visual illusion has baffled thousands – it is simply super difficult to fully grasp its nature.

The illusion was created by Will Kerslake and may look quite simple at first. But strangely enough, the more you look at it, the more difficult it is to understand.

The image consists of a kind of grey grid and black dots. When you look at the picture, it looks like the dots are according to where you look, which makes the whole thing very trippy.

How many black dots?

Here is the picture that has left so many people tearing their hair out in despair.

How many black dots does the picture have?

Find all the black dots

All my colleagues gave different answers: four, six, eight, nine, and everything in the middle.

How many can you see?

The fact is that there is a right answer. Don’t worry, we’ll reveal it after the picture below.

understand the challenge
Image source: Wiki Commons

Here is the correct answer

The correct answer is not even close to what my colleagues guessed. There are actually twelve points!

You can’t see them at the same time, but if you swipe your eyes over the entire picture, you’ll see all the black dots.

Did you manage to find all twelve? Congratulations to you in that case!

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