Today’s Challenge: How many legs does this elephant have?

Optical illusions are always exciting to watch. The eyes get tricked into seeing something that may actually be completely wrong, piquing our curiosity even more by making things interesting.

Do you have a good eye for detail? Enough to see the next illusion correctly? Or will you get fooled like most people? Let’s find out if you are up to the challenge.

The illusion, or visual puzzle, below has fooled thousands of users. Now we’ll see if you can find the correct answer!

This illusion has been around for a long time, no one knows where it came from. But thanks to a Reddit user who posted the image, the hunt for the answer starts again.

How many legs on the elephant?

Below we see a picture of an elephant, one of the most majestic animals in the world.

But the drawing of this elephant is quite clever – it is a difficult task to count how many legs the animal has.

Here is the picture. How many legs do you see?

how many legs does this elephant have?

What do you think?

People have different answers

There has been a lot of discussions online about how many legs this elephant has. Some believe that the elephant has four legs, which sounds quite natural.

But some claim that the elephant has only one leg.

“Look closely, you will see that the only leg that is properly drawn is the left rear one. The other legs are not connected to the body.”

The answer then? There does not seem to be an agreement on which solution is the correct one, which makes this picture even more interesting!

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