Today’s puzzle: Can you find the bus among all the cars?

Nowadays, we rely on technology for almost everything, which means that the brain might not get as much exercise as it used to. For example, many years ago, the only way to solve some quick math was in our heads. 

However, today we all carry calculators in our pockets, and all it takes is a few taps on our phone screens to solve anything. Sure, we still use our heads, but not in a challenging way.

To stop the brain from accumulating stress and anxiety from responsibilities and work, we need to give it a light, yet regular, workout.

And what better way to achieve this than brainteasers? I guarantee you’ll feel your head much clearer afterward, which will let you jump right back into your busy life.

Exercising the mind on the regular is just as important as taking a walk or going for a run a couple of times during the week.

It keeps the brain in shape and makes it easier to concentrate.

Maximum concentration

Lately, a new type of puzzle has become very popular online, where the goal is to find a specific detail within an image.

It can be anything from an object to a shape or color, but something is hiding in said pictures, and our task is to find whatever that is.

It is far from easy to overcome these puzzles, so it is important to have maximum concentration.

Can you find the bus among all the cars?

Here comes today’s challenge.

Below we see a picture with a bunch of cars. However, among all these cars hides a bus.

Now the question is: can you find the bus?

Here is the picture.

find the bus

Did you find the bus?

It’s not an easy challenge, but if you make an effort, I know you’ll solve it in no time.

If you couldn’t find it, don’t worry. The answer will be below.

Here is the answer

Okay, after the picture below, we’ll reveal the answer.

brain teasers
solution to the bus problem

There it is! Up and to the right, a little bus hiding in plain sight.

Did you manage to find it? Congratulations to you in that case!

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