Today’s Challenge: Which strawberry has a different color?

The brain needs regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. That fact is known worldwide. People, however, seem to forget how important it is to give your mind time to relax and get a light workout.

Similar to, for example, how going for a jog around the neighborhood helps the body stay in shape.

We constantly use the brain in our lives, but things can get overwhelming if we don’t take a break. Work, chores, responsibilities, and everything in between drain our minds constantly throughout adult life.

To recharge the batteries, a bit of brain-teasing can do wonders for you – solving a few puzzles can help you let go of all that accumulated stress.

And today, thanks to the internet, there are millions of challenges at our disposal, from classic riddles to math problems or optical illusions. The sky is the limit!

Time to focus

Lately, optical illusion and visual puzzles have been getting quite popular. The goal in these kinds of challenges is to find a hidden detail, shape, or object.

The pictures can be about anything, and they usually look normal, except for one or a few minor details.

It can be challenging to find them, so it is essential to focus.

Which strawberry has a different color?

Now it’s time for today’s challenge.

Below we can see a picture of a bunch of delicious-looking strawberries.

But one of the strawberries has a different hue than the rest.

The challenge is to find the strawberry with a different color.

Here is the picture – can you find the strawberry that stands out?

Which strawberry?

Not an easy challenge, but if you make an effort, I know you’ll get it right.

If you can’t, the answer will be below.

Here’s the strawberry

Were you unable to solve the challenge? Worry not. Very few people can actually handle it.

After the picture below, you’ll see the answer.

Brain exercise solution

There, on the bottom row to the left. A strawberry a little brighter than the others hides in plain sight.

If you managed to find the strawberry, congratulations!

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