This tricky challenge confuses people worldwide – can you find the answer?

Back when we went to school, our job was to play, learn and engage on all kinds of problems to nurture our minds. We tried our hands at everything, from foreign languages ​​to geometry and algebra.

But now that we are older, it is easy to forget to give our brain some much-needed regular exercise. Your head needs it to remain fresh and alert, especially during old age.

Sitting down on the sofa with a few brainteasers helps us recharge our batteries. So we can jump back into adult life and face all our responsibilities without worrying about burning out or underperforming.

Usually, challenges like crossword puzzles or sudoku are the most common brainteasers out there – but lately, I’ve been drawn to a completely different type of challenge.

Time to concentrate

I think you’ll enjoy today’s test. These kinds of puzzles have been getting popular online recently.

It involves logical thinking, which might sound simple, but it’s actually quite hard to master.

It can be math problems or visual puzzles. They require great concentration, but you can usually solve them if you pay attention.

Can you handle this tricky challenge?

Okay, here comes today’s challenge.

Below is a picture with an equation, but the numbers are made with matches.

As things stand, the answer is wrong.

Your job is to make it a correct equation – by moving only one match.

solve this tricky challenge

Can you solve this tricky challenge?

Look closely at each number and try to figure it out. You might need to think outside the box for this one.

If you can’t get it, you’ll find the answer below.

math problems
Image source: Pexels

Here is the correct answer

Okay, here comes the answer, if you haven’t found it yet.

There it is! You simply have to take a stick from the plus sign and put it on the five to form a nine!

It might look easy now that you know the answer, but the fact is that most people can’t solve this puzzle by themselves.

Congratulations if you solved this tricky challenge on your own!

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