Bodybuilder gives up real women to live with plastic sex doll – now the “couple” are getting married

Finding your other half is not an easy thing, no matter how old you are. There is so much that needs to be similar between two people for love to arise. Physical attraction is important, but it mostly is a matter of personality, time, and place. 

At the same time, you can’t choose who you fall for, and for the bodybuilder Yuri, that means the sex doll Margo, whom he now plans to marry, Ladbible reports.

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Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, is now planning his wedding. So far everything seems in order, but his intended wife is no other than a sex doll named Margo.

Plastic surgery for Margo

The couple, according to Yuri, (Margo can’t speak for herself), have been together for eight months. Since Yuri brought the relationship to the public, Margo has found it a bit difficult to live with her looks, he claims.

When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex so we decided to have plastic surgery, Yuri said.

How did the couple solve the sex doll’s uncertainty about their appearance? They went to a clinic where Margo got plastic surgery.

“She has changed a lot. At first, it was hard to accept, but I got used to it later on. It was at a real clinic with real doctors,” Yuri told Ladbible.

A lot of quarrels but love each other

The exact date of the marriage is not yet set. The way things are going is not entirely clear, but apparently, Yuri and Margo are nevertheless determined to go through with the wedding.

“She swears a lot, but there is a tender soul inside,” Yuri added.

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