Alexander writes a list on how to be a “beautiful woman”

Throughout history, the views on “proper behavior” for women and men have slowly changed. All the “rules” remaining are mostly tied to common sense and respect for others. However, the characteristics that attract men and women to the opposite, or same, sex, have also changed. 

Today, telling others how to live is no longer acceptable. You can have a particular opinion and taste when it comes to finding a potential partner, but that’s where it ends.

Trying to force others to change to accommodate your views and beliefs doesn’t fly anymore. However, there are still some prejudices left about what women and men “should” do, and recently, a man has shared a list of steps he thinks every woman should take to become “beautiful”.

This man goes by the name of Alexander Cortes, and his twelve-point list of desirable characteristics in women will, according to him, help men choose the right woman.

When Alexander posted the list, he probably thought he would get support from a lot of people online – but in hindsight, he should have kept it to himself.

Become a “Beautiful woman”

The list of characteristics is of course absolutely idiotic, as there is no template for a woman or man to be better than others. We are who we are. What we do with our image or body is no one else’s business, improving your lifestyle should never be to have others like you, it is something we do for ourselves. Loving yourself and who you are, comes first, society’s standards and tastes change, but we only live once. 

We want to strongly point out that we are completely against this madness!

Here is Alexander’s list on how to be a “beautiful woman”.

  1. Be thin
  2. Be able to cook
  3. Have long hair
  4. Wear make-up
  5. Act feminine
  6. Be graceful
  7. Be sensual
  8. Shave (should without saying)
  9. Be fashionable
  10. Wear pink and feminine colors
  11. Love men
  12. Listen to men.

Since the massive backlash, Alexander has deleted his original tweet, but we are here to remind him that the internet never forgets.

“Shows that they would be terrible mothers”

Alexander’s idiotic list, unsurprisingly, provoked incredibly strong reactions around the world, and people have been enraged by his stupidity, but Alexander has doubled down on his statement.

“You can use this list to vet women. If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers,” said Alexander to The Mirror.

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