Angry man “Karen” asks breastfeeding mom to cover herself

Breastfeeding has become quite a hot topic in recent years. To do it in public or not to do it? That is the question. Personally, I think most of us have an open mind and understand there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. It is one of the most natural and basic functions of a human beign.

Then there is the second part, which thinks it should only be done in private. People are afraid of change, and some have lived all their lives with this privilege that has allowed them to tell others how to live. Thankfully, things have slowly changed, and even a new name for this kind of people has been born, the infamous “Karen”.

Melanie Dudley met one of these Karens while visiting Mexico on vacation. He asked her to cover herself while breastfeeding – but her answer has now made millions online laugh out loud.

It was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that Melanie Dudley was on vacation with loved ones, including her four-month-old baby. As babies usually do, this one started getting hungry.

Was asked to cover herself

Once she realized it, Melanie pulled down the linen that covered one of her breasts and started feeding her baby. But it seems that the act was not appreciated by everyone.

Soon a stranger came close and told her to cover herself, which Melanie did – but perhaps not exactly in the way he was expecting.

Karen revenge
Image source: Facebook

Time to deal with this male Karen

Melanie then asked her husband to hand her something to cover herself with, and then pulled the cover over only her head.

“I’m usually discreet, and we were seated in the back of the restaurant. Breastfeeding is hard enough, this is another layer we don’t need to deal with,” Melanie told Yahoo.

Carol Lockwood, who knows Melanie, quickly arrived with her phone and photographed Melanie.

Cheered by thousands

Carol uploaded the photo on Facebook, where it was a huge success. At the time of writing, millions have seen the picture and are laughing thanks to Melanie’s ingenious comeback.

The picture is praised not only by other mothers who relate to her situation, but also by all kinds of progressive individuals around the world.

What a clever mother. She really put that Karen in his place!

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