Men who do the dishes at home are happier and have more sex, according to study

The way a family splits chores around the house differs from household to household. Cooking, cleaning, picking up the kids, grocery shopping, etc. All chores are divided depending on jobs, schedule, preferences, and negotiation skills.

But in more “traditional” homes, the job of washing the dishes usually falls on the woman. However, new research has revealed that the amount of sex at home might be directly proportional to how fair the division of chores is between men and women.

Men who help more with the dishes at home seem to have more sex – and seem happier, writes the New York Post.

In the past, there were clear guidelines about who was in charge of the cleaning chores. Back then these tasks were forced upon women while men worked to provide the only source of income for the family.

Nowadays, things are more balanced and is quite common for both the man and the woman to have their own career and split the chores. However, it is beneficial for the man to take over doing the dishes, according to a new study.

The more they wash, the more sex there is

According to a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, the researchers concluded that the couples who shared the dishwashing equally had more sex than the ones where the woman handled the washing mostly on her own.

do the dishes

The results showed that the equal couples had sex 0.5 times more often per month.

“When it comes to relationships, fairness is more important to us than it was before,” Amanda Miller, a professor of sociology at the University of Indianapolis and co-author of the study, told the New York Post.

Shared chores for a happier life

In the study, the researchers collected data from couples from the mid-80s to 2006. The results showed that in the homes where the woman handled most of the dishes, sex life gradually decreased as the years went by.

In the cases where the man was the one often taking care of the dishes, however, one could see that sex increased as time went on.

“While we can’t prove why yet, we can say that when it comes to working around the house, equal is sexy.” Says Amanda Miller.

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