Science confirms: Older siblings are the worst drivers

Do you know someone who is a bad driver? That friend that goes a little too hard on the gas, hits the sidewalk while turning, leaves his high beams on all the time, and when they have to park, madness ensues. If yes, then they probably are the oldest sibling in their family.

Researchers, after conducting a survey in Britain, came to the conclusion that older siblings are much worse behind the wheel.

Who is a good or bad driver is a sensitive subject. There can be a lot of different opinions – depending on who you ask, young or old, women or men. We all like to think we are reliable behind the wheel, but in the name of honesty, there are plenty of road idiots out there.

Speeding is more common

Privilege Car Insurance, an English car insurance company, surveyed close to 1,400 drivers. The study revealed a major difference in driving skills between older and younger siblings, reports The Mirror.

older siblings drivers

To illustrate, speeding is as much as 89% more common among older brothers or sisters. They’re also more likely to drive on the wrong lane (46% more often than younger siblings) – but that’s not all.

The eldest sibling is 30% more likely to use their phone while driving, making them a more dangerous driver. They are also more inclined to honk the horn aggressively than their younger siblings.

Older siblings are more intelligent?

Besides, the consequences in the different behaviors show. Since 22% of the eldest siblings who participated in the survey were involved at least in one accident. And 15% of them were in a serious one.

older sibling driver

Previous research has shown that older siblings are usually more intelligent, but if that is true, it goes unnoticed on the roads.

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