This is what happens when women stop having sex

If you were to do a survey among adults about what they like to do the most, most people would probably be happy with the basics: eat, sleep—and have sex. Together with going to the bathroom, they are the most basic needs we humans need to fulfill to continue existing.

Therefore, eating a proper meal, crawling into bed after a long day, or having great sex with someone we find attractive can make anyone happy.

But as we also know, most of us don’t have sex as often as we eat or sleep, which sometimes affects the body. But exactly how does prolonged abstinence affect women?

To answer this, The Sun made a note featuring Australian sex expert Nadia Bokody. The article talks about what happens in a woman’s body and soul when she abstains from sex.

1. Sore Genitals

Men can sometimes feel a sore feeling in the scrotum if they go without sex for long periods of time, the famous “blue balls.” For women, there is a similar term, “blue walls.”

“When we’re turned on, blood rushes to the tissues around our genitals, causing them to swell. If we don’t relieve that swelling, things can start to feel… uncomfortable,” Nadia says.

Solution? Have an orgasm, with or without a partner. This is important as these pains can be confused with menstrual cramps.

2. Increased stress levels

During periods of high stress, an active sexual life may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But the fact is that a lack of sex can increase stress levels in the body. So a quickie might be in order, despite the stress.

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3. Weakened immune system

Having sex about once a week, at least, reduces the risk of catching a cold. You simply stay healthy by exchanging body fluids of various kinds with another healthy human being.

Very important, especially during these times.

4. Love endangered

A couple’s chemistry is affected when you cut back on physical activity. The feelings for the partner can begin to subside due to the distance created.

As a result, it is easy for your subconscious to start looking at other people as potential partners.

5. Harder to get in the mood

Doesn’t it sound scary? The fact is, however, that this is absolutely true. If you do not have regular sex, most women will experience difficulties trying to get back in action when the opportunity arises. It’s like trying to exercise after a long period of inactivity.

6. Lower self-esteem

Yes, it probably does not come as a direct shock—but an inactive sex life can negatively impact both self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s simply about feeling desirable—and if you do not have sex, feelings could go toward depression. As previously mentioned, however, sex can act as a kick to boost your self-confidence.

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There are many benefits to being sexually active! So try to keep it up! Please make sure you get extra cuddles this summer!

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