This test will reveal how much of a hornball you are

We all have sexual thoughts from time to time. It is human nature. But where, when, or how often we think about sex varies because we are all unique individuals with unique tastes.

However, we all have that one friend with a remarkable ability to make almost anything sexual. Who knows, maybe it’s you who is the hornball in your group.

But, if you want to know exactly how obsessed with sex you are, the test below will help you find out once and for all.

Sensitive readers, be warned.

A test for the dirty-minded

We’ve all met those people who smile or start chuckling as soon as they see or hear something that includes the words ass, pussycat, etc.

It can be two pillows on a sofa, a tree with a funny-looking crack, or the name of a foreign city. Everything becomes sexual in their eyes.

Can you see the filthy detail?

If you can’t tell who in your group of friends is always thinking about sex, chances are that you are the hornball.

Though it’s better to make sure, thankfully, all we need to verify it is a simple cartoon.

What we can see below is a drawn bird. At first glance, everything looks completely normal. Still, there’s a hidden detail inside the picture, meant only for the dirty-minded.

The question is: Can you find it?

Image source: Youtube

Below, we will reveal the answer.

Here is the result

Can you see the absolutely filthy detail in the picture?

If you have not seen it by now, you are in the clear. Your mind is obviously not that obsessed with sex.

But if your eyes immediately locked onto the NSFW detail, you are in danger of being a hornball!

Easier to tell while incomplete

If you still can’t see the detail, here it comes.

Image source: Youtube

Here is the same picture, unfinished, so you can clearly see that the bird’s body, at first, has the shape of a naked woman.

Here is the finished picture.

Image source: Youtube

Below, you can see several similar optical illusions from the same artist!

Did you see the detail from the very beginning?

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