Angry vegan sues her neighbors because they love to barbecue

Angry vegan sued her neighbors since they loved to barbecue – now the court has a satisfying response

Neighbors feuds are never fun. Sometimes they involve serious matters, and other times they are just silly disagreements. We probably can say the clash between two households from the same street in Western Australia belongs to the latter.

The “Angry Vegan” Cilla Carden recently sued her neighbors – because they liked to barbecue… in their yard. Apparently, the smell of grilled meat was making its way into her yard, which was so disturbing she had to take it to court.

However, the verdict wasn’t at all what she was expecting.

Massage therapists Cilla Carden does everything she can to follow a vegan lifestyle. That includes suing her neighbors for grilling meat in their yard too often, which we’ve written about before.

The police to the rescue

The case received tremendous attention, and as a response, the neighborhood planned a barbecue party next to her house – which over 2,300 people confirmed attendance.

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However, it never got off – partly because the police calmed down the angry residents and barbecuers.

Cilla Carden has repeatedly claimed that her neighbors deliberately placed her grill in such a way that the smoke gets into her backyard – which she won’t tolerate.

“I can’t enjoy my backyard, I can’t go out there,” she said.

The dispute has been ongoing since 2018, but so far, the vegan has achieved nothing of importance with her complaints. The main reason being that it is incredibly difficult to prove that someone else grills – on their home – with malice.

Is not a crime to barbecue

When the Supreme Court of Western Australia recently rejected her lawsuit, it came to light that Carden has submitted over 400 pages to help her case.

sued her neighbors
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“The volume of material that she has produced… suggests that these matters have to an extent become somewhat overwhelming,” said Judge Peter Quinlan, according to the BBC. He also pointed out that the neighbors, by all accounts, did nothing wrong, reports Nine News Perth.

“What they are doing is living in their backyard and their home as a family,” the tribunal said.

Carden, who was unhappy with the court’s decision, said she would consider taking it a step further. However, there’s no news of a new case so far. Given the media mayhem the last situation created, we can assume it indicates that the vegan has given up on her plans of suing her neighbors, for now…

What do you think? Should you be allowed to barbecue as much as you want, or do you have to pay attention to your neighbors? 

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