Vegan sues neighbors for grilling, now 2,300 people are planning a huge community BBQ on her street

Last time, we wrote about an Australian woman named Cilla Carden, who sued her neighbors – for quite a bizarre reason.

Her neighbors, according to her, grill too much. The smell of meat and fish, which she says goes straight up into her backyard, makes it impossible for Cilla to enjoy her garden.

The court, however, rejected her attempt to limit the neighbors cooking, as it’s difficult to prove that someone grills with malicious intent.

This odd dispute has received tremendous attention online. And the angry woman’s complaints have not been well received – and now an event is planned as a response to Carden’s overreaction, reports Unilad.

The neighbors’ conflict has been going on since late 2018, but after the court rejected Cilla Carden’s attempt to put an end to her neighbors’ barbecue time. This vengeful vegan still claims that the smell of meat and fish makes it virtually impossible for her to use her backyard.

There is a good purpose

She further believes that the neighboring family has placed their grill close to her yard deliberately to make her smell the food.

Picture: Youtube

The whole thing has received tremendous attention – and to “avenge” the neighbors from this stubborn vegan, an event has now been created on Facebook. In the street where Cilla Carden lives, there’s going to be a gigantic community barbecue.

However, they claim that it’s done with a good purpose – to give the vegan “some pork on her fork”.

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Over 2,300 people have confirmed their intention to attend the event “Community BBQ for Cilla Carden”. It will take place in the city of Perth at 3 pm on October 19.

Can reach the Supreme Court

However, according to Unilad, the vegan has told the Daily Mail Australia that the dispute has been blown out of proportion. She believes that it all comes out of anger from the carnivores and their grilling. It’s simply a problem between her and her neighbors.

Picture: Youtube

If Cilla Carden wants to continue this neighbor feud within the justice system, the next step would be the Supreme Court. However, preparations for this step have not been taken yet.

What do you think? Should you be able to grill as much as you want? Or should you consider your neighbors’ diets?

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