Consuming nothing but Sausages and Beer will help you lose weight

Doctor claims that drinking beer and eating sausages every day can help you lose weight

There are as many diets as stars in the sky. Every trick you can possibly imagine is being advertised by some random health “guru” online.

Some work, others don’t – but what is common is that they demand a lot from those who strive for a healthier life. This is often a challenge, and it is not always easy to follow for a long time.

However, there is a diet I believe most of us won’t have any problem following.

How about eating sausages every day for a whole month?

Best diet ever. Right? They call it the Oktoberfest diet.

It may sound surprising, suspicious and honestly, quite stupid – but a doctor, as well as the subject of his study, swear by this diet. If you want to lose weight and lower your cholesterol, follow this Fox News report.

Only drank beer

His subject’s name is Evo Terra, who only ate only sausages for a whole month. Sound too good to be true? Wait – it gets even better.

sausages diets
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The only thing he drank was beer.

After the diet was over, the man from Arizona in the United States lost 7 pounds.

The doctor, Terry Simpson, prescribed an eating regimen where Evo Terra could only consume 1,500 calories a day. That means 2 big sausages and 6 beers.

Beer diets
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A person of the size of Evo, he explained, burns about 2,100 calories a day. According to him, that forces the body to dig into the stored fat to produce those extra 600 calories. Which results in him losing weight.

In an interview with Fox News (clip below), Evo admits he also takes vitamin supplements – but both he and his doctor seem convinced that this one-month diet is something that really works. The patient has even run it several times. But only for one month every year, October. In celebration of Oktoberfest.

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