Amber is obsessed with tattoos and now has covered her entire breasts with ink

One of the greatest benefits of being an adult is that you get to do whatever you want. As long as it is within the limits of the law, the sky is the limit, you can go anywhere you want, look however you please, and buy whatever you feel like.

Amber Luke has put this into practice. She has taken her appearance to a new level, according to her own tastes, and without a care for what others think about it.

This 24-year-old Australian aims to cover her entire body with tattoos before she turns 25, and now she has come one step closer to her goal – she has filled the surface of her breasts with ink, reports the Daily Star.

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Amber’s fascination with body modification began when she was 16. Not too long after, she started her journey towards covering her entire body with tattoos.

Amber got blinded by the tattoos

Over the years, Amber has covered most of her body with tattoos.

She has really done everything in her power to get every inch of her body covered with ink.

She even tattooed her eyes last year, something that almost had fatal consequences. The tattoo artist cut a little too deep in during the procedure.

“I went completely blind for three weeks,” Amber said.

Tattoos on her breasts

The latest in Amber’s step on her fully tattooed quest has been inking her entire breasts.

Next, a butt lift awaits Amber, who also wants to tattoo her entire left arm completely black.

What do you think? Will Amber succeed in completely covering herself with tattoos before she turns 25?

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