Fashion: Here’s the hottest lingerie for this summer

Fashion is such a weird thing. One day, people are wearing baggy clothes that barely hold on, and the next, everyone is wearing garments so small there is nothing left to the imagination.

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, and keeping up with the latest clothing styles and fads is a full-time job. How you dress is, of course, up to you. But it feels like every year we’re forced to show more and more skin.

To be able to renew itself, I guess fashion needs to get more extreme as time goes by. But the question is whether we’ve hit the limit after this latest trend – lingerie for men.

Some time ago, we wrote about shorts so ugly that they should’ve been banned. It is normal to think weird garments are a one-off event for a desperate attempt at a new fashion hit – but it seems that’s not the case, at all.

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Lingerie for men

The site humor meets comics wrote that there is a surprisingly large percentage of men who like to dress in feminine underwear – and that the market for male lingerie is larger than most people think.

“There’s no variety in the men’s lingerie sold in department stores. It’s boxers and briefs, and if you’re really daring, maybe a thong!” said Brent Krause, an Australian lingerie designer, to Splinter News.

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“There’s no denying department stores sell good quality, functional underwear, and that’s fine for ninety percent of men. But not me.” Brent Krause said.

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Krause’s company Homme Mystere strives to remove the taboo that men shouldn’t wear lingerie – since it’s supposedly intended for women – and his company now ships its products worldwide. They are huge in East Asia, Europe, and North America.

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Underwear for all ocassions

Any lingerie a man can desire is available – from bras to panties made for men – and even if the customers choose to remain anonymous, surveys have shown that these undergarments are used as much as normal underwear. At work, at home, or even at formal events.

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Krause is investing a lot into making this trend a big hit.

“Choosing a department store brand of underwear each morning is a no-brainer. Choosing a style of Homme Mystere each morning is a little more fun.” He said.

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Of course, everyone can dress the way they want – and if you as a guy wonder how lingerie feels like, it is something everyone else should respect, but I still think these look terrible. However, I cannot speak about comfiness since I haven’t tried them myself. 

It needs to be something closer to my style before I decide to try it.

Would you consider wearing any of these during this summer?

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