Fashion: Here are the hottest trendy shorts for this summer

Summer is almost here! The days are warmer, brighter and everything feels a little easier. Getting out of the office and still having hours of light makes a huge difference in our everyday lives.

Everyone up north loves summer, but like all good things, it comes with its own disadvantages. Summer fashion in the last few years has been less than desirable. The time when clothes left something to the imagination is long gone.

Nowadays, all you can see are people in skimpy clothes left and right. Before, most of the body was still covered by clothes. But that’s how fashion works, to innovate you have to be a little more risqué than the last year’s trend.

However, I began wondering if we have gone too far – after seeing these new summer shorts.

The clothing brand Ssense has now released this summer’s “hottest” shorts. If by “hot” they mean showing as much skin as possible, in this case.

The shorts are quite revealing, to say the least, and it is difficult to understand how to wear them without things slipping out of place in public.

These shorts look like panties

The shorts, which the company itself calls “janties”, just as the name suggests, are closer to a pair of panties in denim than actual shorts.

What do you think?


They look like a diaper from behind.

summer fashion

And from the front, it is difficult to understand how to sit or walk in them without exposing yourself to the world.

The price of fashion

The shorts are made of 100% cotton and even though they consist of very, very little fabric, they cost no less than £235 (British Pounds), which is just over $330, according to Ladbible.

Money that would normally be enough for a weekend trip to your favorite beach.

But why go there when you can get these fantastic shorts instead?

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