Here’s the crazy hotel with a sausage theme

Staying in a hotel can be very special. You get room service, maybe go to the pool or spa, and you don’t even have to clean your room. But since the stays don’t usually last long, trying something new can be fun whenever you plan a new trip.

And now, you can stay in the world’s first sausage-themed hotel in the world!

It is located, unsurprisingly, in Germany. Everything at the Bratwursthotel is about sausages, reports Ladbible.

The hotel, located in Rittersbach, Germany, has seven rooms following a recurring theme: Sausages. On the menu, you can find all kinds sausage centered dishes.

Sausage wallpaper decorates the walls, and at bedtime, you cover yourself with sausage pillows and blankets.

sausage hotel

Next door to the slaughterhouse

Running the hotel is the butcher Claus Böbel, who came up with the idea of expanding the family’s slaughterhouse by opening a hotel for sausage lovers.

The hotel’s full name is BB&BB, which stands for Böbel, Bratwurst, Bed, and Breakfast.

Claus is his family’s fourth-generation butcher. As a result, he knows his sausages well, which reflects in the restaurant’s menu.

sausage theme
Image source: Facebook

Sausage themed dishes

In the restaurant, all dishes are sausage related—sausage soups, sausage salads, sausage sandwiches, etc. There is even sausage ice cream or chocolate cake with sausage slices for dessert.

You can learn more about sausages in the slaughterhouse’s tours. You get to see how they are made and, of course, eat them to your heart’s contempt.

Image source: Facebook

A sausage-filled night at the hotel costs just under $100 – which is perhaps a fair price for a sausage lover?

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