Eight cursed playgrounds that should have never existed

Going to different playgrounds with your children should be a fun and straightforward experience. The children get to play while you keep an eye on them— and with a bit of luck, you’ll have one of those rare quiet moments to yourself.

Today, there are lots of different pits, stairs, and other obstacles in playgrounds for the children to choose from. If they want to exercise their bodies and minds.

However, if you would ever come by one of the following playgrounds and the “creations” within, you would probably grab your kids and run away as fast as possible.

Here are seven cursed playgrounds that should have never existed in the first place.

1. So fun to slide out of King Kong’s tits, or not…

2. What a cute… thing.

3. Elephant’s poop simulator

4. Adding some fun to the cemetery

5. Pennywise is at IT again, get it?

6. Thomas the tank engine: depression edition

7. Yaarrrgh! A pirate rebirth!

8. Pokemon will never be the same after this!

I wonder what the people who built these were thinking!

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