Man tries to get wax out of his ear – but finds something terrifying instead

Many of us have had wax blocking our ears. It affects your hearing and balance, can make you feel uncomfortable, and is just annoying.

However, you can often solve it easily if you use the proper methods. If you can’t do it by yourself, going to a healthcare professional is the next step.

A man tried to remove what he thought was a wax plug on his own, but he would soon discover something absolutely disgusting.

The anonymous man, who posted his story on Reddit, reports The Mirror, woke up one night and noticed something was wrong with his left ear.

The wax made it harder to sleep

It didn’t hurt, but his hearing was impaired, and every now and then, he would hear crackling sounds.

It was something different from what he had experienced with previous wax build-ups.

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He stuffed a cotton ball with olive oil in his ear to try to soften the wax. However, the sounds did not disappear. It made it difficult to sleep, but after a while, it finally worked.

In the morning, the sounds were gone, but the “wax” plug itself was still there. So in the coming days, they tried using various DIY tricks to dissolve the wax.

They poured water into the ear, tried olive oil again, and even used tweezers (which professionals don’t recommend).

Made a disgusting discovery

“All these methods failed to get the earwax out, until today,” the man writes.

“I was once again stupidly poking around with tweezers inside my ear when I finally managed to grab the earwax. Excited, I took it out and wanted to look at what my ear had just birthed.”

Then he made a disgusting discovery.

“To my horror, the blockage in my left ear was not caused by earwax, but it was caused by what looked like a kind of tiny moth,” he said.

Image: Reddit

“This creature had somehow managed to climb into my ear at 2 a.m., caused me to wake up and couldn’t leave my ear because of the cotton pad I had stuffed inside.

“I am still trying to process that I had a dead moth in my ear for half a week.”

Shivers and hand sweat

The internet was quite shocked after the man published the picture of the moth.

“I’m never sleeping again,” wrote one person.

“I’ve never had so many f***ing feels just from reading something in my entire life. Chills, sweaty hands and feet, gag reflex, eyes watered, and more I’m sure that I couldn’t process,” said another.

Yes, it was certainly not a pleasant discovery, but nice that he was able to get it out without a major incident.

However, it is important to be careful when dealing with bugs stuck in your body. Always try to play it safe! Now press that SHARE button below to spread this crazy story!