Weird Creations: Take a look at the legendary penis car

Regardless of where we are in life, most of us have a dream car. A vehicle you see yourself driving at some point or which you have seen online and just thought: “wow, imagine being able to drive around in that sweet ride!”

A dream car, for many, remains just that, a dream. However, not everyone dreams of cars that are super luxurious and expensive. Some imagine a unique car, something more related to art than luxury. 

If you want a car that will surely be the center of attention, take and look at this roaring car from 1969. The famous penis mobile.

Expensive cars are known as “penis extenders,” referring to the owners buying the car as a way to compensate for their small penises.

But few other cars in the world can have a more literal reference to that than this famous car.

Meet the penis car

The car, which is truly unique, was built by Steve Paige back in 1969.

Steve was upset that all the cars produced, at the time, looked the same and then created this classic as a kind of art project.

penis car

Featured in an album cover

The car has received a lot of attention over the years and has even been featured on an album cover. Namely, the one called “For ladies only” by Steppenwolf.

The rear seat is a huge scrotum

Regardless of how you see the car, it is impossible to mistake it for anything other than male genitalia.

The car is also cleverly built, which means that the rear seat, with room for two, of course, consists of the scrotum.

The car was driven only a few miles

Although it was built as an art project, it is fully functional and drives very well.

But since Steve is very concerned about his art project, the car has only been driven 80 miles in total.

penis mobile

Imagine being able to just glide through town with that “beautiful” car!

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