Animal rescuers discover exotic orange bird – turns out to be regular seagull coated in curry

Animal rescuers discover exotic orange bird – turns out to be regular seagull coated in curry

Lately, it’s hard to keep track of all the wildlife species on our planet. Researchers all over the world are constantly finding new kinds of organisms sharing our precious earth.

That was the first thing that crossed the minds of veterinarians working in Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, when they received an emergency call for an unusual orange bird on the side of a highway just outside London, England.

The bird had a bright, orange color never seen before by the doctors. But when they finally caught the bird, they found out the embarrassing truth.

In fact, it was a seagull – that got covered in Indian curry while searching for something to eat, reported the BBC.

Doctors couldn’t believe it when they received several calls of people claiming they saw an orange bird having trouble on the side of a highway in Buckinghamshire, England.

curry seagull
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But the truth would soon turn out to be a little disappointing.

“One of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen”

When the veterinarians finally got the chance to approach the unusual bird, it was just an ordinary seagull.

The unusual color came from the fact that the bird took a bath inside a curry pot, something the bird’s strong scent gave away.

“This is one of the strangest casualty circumstances we have seen in a while!,” wrote Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, the place taking care of the bird, on its Facebook page.

The curry sauce made it difficult for the bird to fly properly, so the veterinarians had to give the bird a proper wash.

Image source: Facebook

A full recovery

The doctors named the bird Vinny in honor of the dish it was covered in, Vindaloo curry. The bird strong aroma made it easy to identify the food. But after a good bath, the bird seems to be making a full recovery.

Image source: Facebook

I hope Vinny fixes his eating habits in the future and avoids Indian food.

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