Dog hates geting his nails clipped – just watch dad’s amazing solution that’s cheered worldwide

If there is one thing that dogs hate — It’s going to the vet.

Although a little maintenance is less horrifying than a visit to the doctor, it can still be scary for a dog to see scissors, clippers or trimmers near them.

The poor animals will never understand we do these things for their own good.

Most dogs, mine included, detest getting their nails clipped. Think about it — why wouldn’t they? Nails on dogs are very sensitive, and having a sharp object cutting them is scary. It’s tricky to make them understand that this is for their own good and that everything will be fine.

father’s amazing solution

If it’s not done properly, it can be extremely painful for them, which will traumatize the animal even more.

Spreading around the world

Kendal Peifer, from Minnesota, knows well that her lovely dog detests getting his nails cut. To solve this, her dad came up with an ingenious idea consisting of something as simple as a handbag, a pair of scissors and a pull-up bar.

After seeing that, she felt that she had to share the trick with other dog owners!

On February of last year, Kendal put up two pictures online showing her father finally cutting their dog’s nails. In just 48 hours, the Twitter post had nearly 50,000 shares and over 200,000 likes.

This father’s brilliant solution impressed many.

father’s amazing solution 2
Twitter / @KendalPeifer

Who would have thought of buying a handbag, cutting holes for the dog’s legs and then hanging it comfortably from a pull-up bar?

When this father finished his invention, he put the dog in it to cut his nails — all for the best of the pup.

father’s amazing solution 3
Twitter / @KendalPeifer

Animal lovers all over the world have now cheered the invention.

“What a wonderful dad! ”, Wrote one.

“This is the best thing ever”, said another.

“That man is a genius and should be proud of himself”, commented someone else.

According to Kendal, her dog was much calmer about cutting his nails using this method. Talk about an AHA moment! — I can’t stop laughing when I think of the cleverness of this invention!

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