Donkey Elvis disappears without a trace – 5 minutes later, farmer makes hilarious discovery

The two-week-old donkey Elvis disappeared without a trace and his farmer could not find the little fella anywhere in her farmhouse.

But just as she gave up looking for her little donkey, a sound led her to find Elvis in the most unthinkable of places.

During the two weeks after they met, the farmer and Elvis got very close to each other. So when the farmer woke up one day without finding Elvis, she got very worried.

The donkey from the picture is not Elvis. Image source: Mostphotos

Searched everywhere for the donkey

Elvis is very young, but he likes to take it easy, having the habit of taking a nap in a few different places around the farmhouse, so the farmer started by searching on Elvis’ usual beds.

But after being unable to find him, she searched all over the place for the little donkey – without a result, the farmer feared the worst – that someone had stolen Elvis.

Disappointed, the farmer returned to the house to take care of the day’s chores. It was then that she heard a familiar sound in the distance.

Image source: Youtube

Hundreds of thousands laugh

The sound came from the hammock. When the farmer looked inside, she found her beloved Elvis there, sleeping without any worries. It is unclear how the little donkey managed to jump into the hammock but there he was, snoring away. The farmer quickly pulled out her phone and filmed the little miracle.

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