Family wakes up to weird sound at 6:00 am every day – hidden camera catches a cute surprise

Family wakes up to weird sound at 6:00 am every day – hidden camera catches a cute surprise

As a young parent, you get used to getting up early in the mornings, sometimes in the middle of the night, when the kids need a little attention. Of course, it’s cozy, but some mornings you just want to sleep.

But it is not only young children who are awake and full of energy in the morning, pets as well can demand their fair share of attention.

Something this family had to experience, thanks to their kitten’s creativity.

Being light-headed and tired is not a combination you dream of when you wake up every day. Unfortunately, there’s not much to do other than trying to fall asleep again – if you can. For this family, however, that was not an option.

Every morning at 06:00 AM

Every morning at around 6:00 am, this family heard strange noises outside the bedroom. After not being able to figure out the source of the sounds, the family set up a hidden camera outside the bedroom.

The sound, which sounded like someone was quickly knocking on a door, very persistently. When they checked the footage the following day, everything made sense.

every day cat
Image source: Youtube

The kitties wanted attention

It turns out that it was one of the family’s kitties, craving for a little morning attention.

With their little paws, they knocked on the door to let everyone know he wanted to get in.

The family uploaded the clip on the net, and over a million people have shared a laugh after watching this little devil, which, of course, finally got some attention.

See the full clip below!

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