Farmer finds horses motionless on the ground – but what he discovers is truly hilarious

Farmer finds horses motionless on the ground – but what he discovers is truly hilarious

We have all experienced the feeling of a really, really good nap. You know when you feel warm and cozy under the blankets, it’s like you are lying down on a cloud soaring through the night sky. You just wanna roll around and continue to sleep forever.

For some reason, I have always felt that this is only a human trait, and animals seem to wake up faster. It turns out, however, I was wrong – especially after checking this wonderful clip (below)!

Yes, there are many animals that can sleep like a log. At least that’s what a farmer noticed one morning when he didn’t see his horses at their usual spots. He got worried and searched for them.

In the end, he found his animals in the yard, however, he became even more worried.

horses snore

The farmer took a closer look

The horses were lying on the ground in a way they never did before when it was bright outside. He took a closer look – and finally understood what was going on.

Sure it was late morning, and the farm was working on full speed, but these cuties had not woken up yet. They were still asleep – something that would be clear to the farmer when he got closer. They were snoring so loudly it sounded like someone was sawing wood.

horses snoring

The horses didn’t notice their owner approaching while filming with his phone’s camera – the land of dreams was calling them! The farmer could not, however, stop himself from laughing when he realized that it was a sleep party!

Maybe they had been up and running all night? In any case, the snoring never stopped!

Check this lovely clip yourself!

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Sleeping is the best thing ever, and it‘s wonderful to see how much these horses were enjoying their nap! 

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