Idiot tries to kick a homeless dog – then looks to the right and realizes his terrible mistake

If there is something that gets my blood boiling, is animal cruelty. I’m not a fan of wild animals being held captive on a circus or zoo, but straight up attacking or hurting animals I will never tolerate.

There’s a special place in hell for this kind of people, but at the same time, it’s nice to see karma catching up to them.

I feel no sympathy for people who hurt animals and something that gives me great satisfaction is when they get what they deserve.

In the animal kingdom, just like with humans, there are tight groups. Your support and help each other, looking out for your friends — and protect those who need it, when the time comes.

This clip (below) is an awesome example.

Dodges the kick

The video is a bit old and was filmed with a cheap phone, so the picture is not the best — but you can clearly see what happens.

Mr. Dumbass, a most fitting name I can assure you, rushes towards a homeless dog on the beach. His goal is to hit the poor animal with a powerful kick, as you can see in the clip.

In the last second, however, the dog is able to move and dodge Mr. Dumbass’s attack. Just as he misses the dog, he looks to the right and realizes his mistake. The dog pack of justice appears — to immediately chase away Mr. Dumbass.

Dumbass tries to kick dog

He runs away, but unlike him, these dogs are not aggressive. They never intended to hurt him, all they wanted was to protect their friend. Good boys!

See the clip below that got over 130,000 people cheering for the animals!

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