Owner asks her dog to bark softer – the pup’s answer melts millions of hearts

Owner asks her dog to bark softer – the pup’s answer melts millions of hearts

We can all agree that dogs are amazing. They often have beautiful personalities that let them fit into any family. Dogs can easily get close to people, and it’s hard to say no to those begging eyes.

A big part of raising a dog is to follow its development and to influence the way it behaves. Most of us want our fluffy friend to sit, lie on it’s back, chase balls, etc. The classic dog tricks.

Something that can tire you as a dog owner is when they bark. Dogs have the right to do so when they get anxious, feel lonely or frightened – but it is also something that many of us want to control a little. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter if the pup is barking loudly.

Bark softer

A dog owner that mastered this recently received a great deal of attention when her clip was showcased in a Japanese TV show. The video of this cute doggy has been seen over 10 million times – and it’s not surprising.

bark softer
Image Source: YouTube

In the video, filmed by his master, the dog barks. The woman then asks him to bark softer – and now look at what happens. The whole thing is a spectacular mix between adorable and funny.

What a good little boy!

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