Gin & tonic coffee is all you need to keep warm this winter!

Coffee is life, at least in my book, it keeps me going and it fuels my soul. And so does Gin & Tonic, in moderate amounts once in a while, perfect to share during the weekend with good company, a drink that warms the heart, I know many people think the same.

Furthermore, an article from the German site Elle talks about how the siblings Emile and Olivier Ward, and their “Gin Foundry” site, have created a new superdrink: Gin & Tonic Coffee!

Recipe for winter

To mix this magic drink yourself, according to Elle, you need:

– Gin 1 oz
– Cold and ready-made coffee 2 teaspoons
– Tonic Water
– Lemon peel
– Ice cubes

Start by filling the glass with ice cubes, then add gin and tonic, after that pour the cold coffee on top. And finally, drop the lemon peel in the glass!

It seems there are different ways to do it:

What do you think? Would you like to try it?

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