Funny story: Colleague reveals to Maja what you can do with a thermos

Funny story: Colleague reveals to Maja what you can do with a thermos

When it’s rain, wind and debris out there, you just want to crawl in a corner of the couch and cuddle with lots of blankets.

The absolute best thing to do is to hear, or read, a really funny story that, despite the gray darkness, gets you in a really good mood.

Laughing can really be a life saver – the universal cure for irritation, sadness and blues. I also believe that this cheeky story will get you in a really good mood today!

Usually I’m not a big fan of blonde jokes. That one’s looks would have anything to do with one’s intelligence is obviously just stupid. But! When the jokes are really good, I can not hold back the laughter. Just like this one!

Both me and my partner are blonde, but sometimes you just have to give a little bit of youself for the sake of a good joke.

Funny story

9-year-old Maja stood in the staff kitchen and prepared her lunch when her colleague Christian came and sat next to her. Out of his bag he picked up a thermos and then went away to pick up a plate.

– Oh, what’s that? Maja was wondering.

Christian looked a bit surprised at her.

– It’s a thermos. Don’t you know what it is?

– No, I’ve never seen something like that before.

– It’s a great thing for storing different types of food and drinks, says Christian. It keeps warm things hot and cold things cold.

– But God, how good, says Maja impressed. I really have to get myself one of those!

The next day they meet again in the kitchen. With pride in her eyes, Maja puts her new thermos on the sink.

– Well, look at this, says Christian. You’ve also got one!

– Yes, she replied with excitement in her voice.

– What are you bringing with today then? says the colleague.

Maja shines up:

– It’s going to be tomato soup and ice cream!

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