This model’s boobs are so big – she often falls down the stairs

Of course, everyone should be able to look and live however they want to, as long they don’t hurt others in the process. Standing out from the crowd is not a sin, and judging others by their looks tells a lot about oneself.

On the contrary, I think those who dare to live life the way they want in this entitled society are admirable.

Such is the case for Foxy Menagerie. This 42-year-old model has dedicated her life to get the biggest boobs possible. But even though her “top shelf” is already massive, she wants them to get even bigger. “I want the perfect hourglass figure,” she says.

Want even bigger boobs

It all started over six years ago, when Foxy Menagerie had her first plastic surgery. After her divorce, she wanted to spice up her appearance before putting herself back into the dating market.

Since then, her goal has been to have a body with the shape of an hourglass. Huge breasts and ass.

Image: Youtube / Barcroft TV

The 42-year-old model’s implants hold an amazing 6,640cc, but she does not think that is enough. At the moment, she uses products to expand her boobs even more.

“so I am hopefully going to hit 7,000cc (cubic centimeters) very soon before more surgery,” says Foxy Menagerie, according to Unilad.

Image: Youtube / Barcroft TV

“I feel great”

People wonder why she wants more plastic surgery.

“I aim to achieve a more hourglass morphed look with body modification – I want the perfect hourglass figure. To a degree, yes I am a bit obsessed with surgery – just because I really like the outcome. I feel fantastic when I have surgery done, it makes me so happy to see the new person I’m becoming.” Says Foxy.

Image: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters. You usually start with 400 and then add 200 at a time, which normally corresponds to an additional cup size.

The model is currently wearing a bra size ZZ (!), According to The Sun – but admits that her giant breasts make everyday life a little tricky at times.

“The worst thing about having such large boobs are some of the silly little things that I discover I suddenly can’t do. So, cooking on the front burner of the stove is not a good idea, because then it’s like Mrs Doubtfire. That’s bad.”

her looks
Image: Youtube / Barcroft TV

“I have to put my leg up sideways to put my shoe on, I can’t just bend over. Walking down the stairs, I fall a lot. So I hold on to the rail to save my life.”

“Like seeing the Loch Ness Beast”

Growing up, Foxy had “a dull appearance” and was very shy, she claims.

Foxy original boobs
Image: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Now that she stands out much more, she does not mind people staring.

“I don’t blame them for looking because it’s like seeing the Loch Ness Monster – you don’t know when you’re going to see one and if you do, you want to take a picture,” says Foxy.

Image: Youtube / Barcroft TV

Below you can see a TV clip featuring this 42-year-old model!

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