Here is the new butt plug that will stop you from farting

Farting is something that everyone does. It is a natural part of life. However, you usually don’t break wind in front of people, as the scent can be anything but pleasant, and we don’t want to force others to smell it.

No, farting is something you do alone or in the bathroom. However, it seems some people have a bit of a hard time holding it in, which leaves them in pretty awkward situations.

Now, however, you can get rid of your – or someone else’s – smelly farts, with the help of a Fart ​​Stopper.

Some time ago, we wrote an article about pills that can make even farts smell good – and it was a great success among our readers. You all seem to know someone who likes to pass gas among their peers – so here comes the next step to stop those smelly fart bandits.

Eliminate farting smell

Some time ago, the product “Fart ​​Stoppers” was released. It is a cork patch that you place between the asscheeks – to filter the stink out of your farts.

Image source: Flickr

“If you think “Life is a Gas”, keep it to yourself! Do your share to eliminate gas leakage and don’t make a big stink about it! What a funny item to hand out to that stinky one you know!” says the product description on eBay.

Stop farting
Image source: eBay

If you know someone who likes to drop a stink a little too often – well, then this might be the perfect gift. Literally putting a cork on it may sound a bit drastic, but of course, this is a gag gift.

A real steal

Now, of course, it exists and will be yours for only $6.49 plus $3.99 for shipping, but in total the whole packages is just over 10 bucks.

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So what are you waiting for? I will definitely get a “cork” for that colleague who keeps farting at the office. I think most of us know someone who may need one.

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